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UK Truck Driver Visa: How To Apply For UK Truck Driver Visa – Ultimate Guide

by Techensured
How To Apply For UK Truck Driver Visa

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In this article, I am going to tell you how to apply for uk truck driver visa in nigeria and some other countries. Just read on and check if you would be eligible.

The Department for Transportation over the weekend,said over 10,500 heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers will be able to come for work on a free visa in the UK for 3 months both foreign truck drivers and poultry workers, from October till December Christmas Eve 2021 to provide “short-term relief for the haulage industry”.

According to research, the shortage of  heavy duty truck drivers in the UK was because of the covid19 pandemic, post-Brexit immigration policy, poor working conditions, and also an aging workforce.

Most of the heavy goods vehicle drivers have left to the European Union post-Brexit and many others have left the driving industry with claims that there is lack of training and pecuniary incentives in the industry.

Why did The British Government Implemented Truck Driving Jobs In Uk For Foreigners

One of the main reasons why the British Government has looked into the demands for free visas to foreign truck drivers, was because they are short of goods distribution at supermarket shelves and  to make it look worse, there is less distribution of petrol at filling stations.

 As a result of this scenario, fuel stations increase the pump prices of fuel to prevent hoarding and also panic-buying.

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According to reports, the transportation Department blames the government for lack of vision or foresight in preventing this problem.  The sudden increase of drivers was because of the following claims.

  1. Government Reduced the inflow of new heavy goods vehicle drivers due to restricted HGV training capacity during the covid19 lockdown saga.
  2. They Increased outflow of heavy goods vehicle drivers due to the retirement of truck drivers.
  3. Truck drivers seeking other careers due to poor pay and conditions.

Uk Truck Driver Visa Requirements: How To Apply For UK Truck Driver Visa In Nigeria

Apply For UK Truck Driver Visa form
Trucks on highway

The UK government says recruitment for additional short-term truck drivers and poultry workers will begin in October, with Visa valid until 2021 Christmas eve.

Haulage firms are offering up to £55,000 plus benefits and bonuses for drivers who would be distributing food, fuel and deliveries across the UK.

Some other companies are reported to be offering a £1,500 sign-up bonus to anyone who joins, with a salary of £35,000 a year.

Drivers undergoing training, without a heavy goods vehicle licence, can earn £24,000 rising to £32,000 once they’re qualified with Nationwide Platforms with full driver training provided.

Furthermore, Class one drivers who are ‘urgently needed’ will be paid at a rate of £23 per hour.

The problem appears to persist as trucking companies are still urging the government to ease immigration rules so drivers can more easily be recruited from across Europe but the British ministers are resisting claiming British workers should be trained up to take the jobs and fill up the quota while they seek for short time drivers.

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Under the plan, foreign drivers will be able to work in the UK from now until the end of March.

 In addition, they plan to issue 4,700 visas to foreign food importers and extend it for two months, from late October to the end of February. 

Earlier, the government said the temporary visa would remain in effect until Christmas, but they extended the visa.

What do you need to qualify for this visa scheme? 

You are eligible to apply to be a UK truck driver if: 

  1. You do not have a visa I.e a non-visa citizen.
  2. You have Obtained an EU, EEA or Swiss license to ship HGV fuel (type HGV C or C + The current certification for fuel carriers has been added to reach the international convention on hazardous transportation). 
  3. The Department of Commerce, Energy and Strategic Planning (BEIS) has provided you with an HGV driver’s license – well suited for the requirements for the website. 
  4. You are planning to come to the UK for work purposes, as an HGV pilot between 1 October 2021 and 15 October 2021 You must show the High Commissioner for Passport and your HGV driver’s license. 

If you want permission to enter under a temporary visa scheme, here are what Border authority will consider:

  1. If you can be considered under this visa scheme, you must be a non-visa national; you must hold a valid national passport, EEA license and HGV cruise ship certification and HGV driver’s license from the BEIS.
  2. They should be confident that you are applying for entry purposes as an HGV pilot.
  3. If you will be able to take care of and accept yourself independently of public funds
  4. If you intend to leave the UK for the end of your term or service. 
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 If your case has been considered by a police officer and satisfied that you have passed all requirements, you will be allowed to enter and work in the UK as an oil driver until 31 March 2022.


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