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Step on How to Stop Scam calls in Australia 2021

by Techensured
How to stop scam calls in Australia 2021

In this article, you are going to learn tactics on  how to stop scam calls in Australia in 2021. Every paragraph in this article is worth reading, so make sure you read till the end.

Early last year, a friend of mine in Queensland lost about $1000 to scammers. It all started from a simple and friendly phone call. He was asked about his bank details. The scammer told him he was from his bank and he’ll need to fix things up, poor friend he believed this. 

Scammers now are very tactical and that’s why I want to teach you the legit ways how to stop scam calls in Australia.

Scam calls sometimes might look natural,it is very difficult to differentiate between a fake call and a legit one. This had been the major takeaway of these People.

According to the Federal communications minister Paul Fletcher, he said “Scam calls are a serious problem. At best, scam calls are annoying. At worst, scam calls can have damaging financial consequences for victims,”

And this is true,if you do not take legitimate steps to block these calls, you might fall victim one day and I won’t let that happen. In fact, you can’t just let that happen, that’s why you need to know how to Stop scam calls in 2021.

Wait!!! Why are you getting so many spam calls all of a sudden in 2021? Well here’s why. Your caller ID, YEAH!!!

 Scammers got to track their victim through their identity and mostly these identities are incorrect.

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Note that,Nobody is safe, nobody can escape them, and for many it seems nothing can stop them.

In addition, you might be wondering,how do these scammers get your phone number, haha… it’s technology and it’s advanced so you’ll need to get advanced to the tasks. So,how do you stop spam calls in Australia

How to Stop Scam calls in Australia 2021

Note that If you are receiving scam calls or  unwanted communications, to stop them,it depends on the type of information you received either it is a phone call or a text message and the most important, to detect if the call is legitimate or a scam.

The most important and safe of all is that it is very important to protect your personal and financial details. Do not share them with anyone who asks for this information unless you are completely confidential about whom you are interacting with. You can do that at your own risk.

Follow my steps below to stop unwanted phone calls in australia.

1. By Using the Do Not Call Register

Have you heard of this before? Well, The Do Not Call Register is a secure database where individuals or citizens in Australia and organisations can register, check or remove their Australian numbers from spam attacks either fax, or any type. By this you’ll be able to pull out of being called by scammers.

You won’t be charged while registering for this service, and the registration is only done once unless you have removed your line before.

Once you are registered, your number will stay on the file register, unless you  remove your number.

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The Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) manages the register, including responding to breaches of the legislation.

How Can You Register To Block Scammers in Australia

To register your number on the Do Not Call Register, visit the Do Not Call website or you can call the do not call register phone number directly on 1300 792 958. You can also follow these steps to register and stop Scammers from calling you. To register an Australian number you must be the account holder, a nominee, or be authorised from the owner of the account.

  1. Go to do not call registeration page 
  2. Choose if you are either registering  your own number, family or friends number, government number or maybe a business fax number.
  3. Click on next and You’ll be asked to fill your personal details, Names, and email.
  4. Click on next to input the number you want to register and click on submit.

The Do Not Call Register service allows you to reduce the amount of unwanted telemarketing calls and marketing faxes you receive.

2. By Keeping Your Personal Data To Yourself

 To stop spam calls in australia,follow this life h*cks simple guidelines.

1.Do not give out or submit your personal information or even your bank details to anyone,never do this unless you are confident about it.

2. Make sure you don’t submit your emails to third Parties.

3. Don’t be tempted to click on links sent to you by an unknown or untrusted source, scammers might track you with this.

4. When you suspect a scam call, Hang up immediately, or call the organisation back using a number on their website only.

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5. SUBSCRIBE to the free Scamwatch Alert Service on the website and also visit the Scamwatch website for further information about how to report scam.

6. Endeavors to block any suspicious number after a call.


By any means If you have sent money or shared your bank details with anyone, make sure you quickly contact your bank immediately. They may be able to stop the transaction, or lock your account and if they can’t they’ll track the scammer. Make sure you still don’t give your information and if done so, visit Idcare, Australia and New Zealand’s not-for-profit national identity and cyber support service. This group would be of a very good help.

So these are the best Step on How to Stop Scam calls in Australia 2021,make sure you don’t fall victim of scam.


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